Child adoption services in Northern California

Foster-to-Adopt with AFS
The "Foster-to-Adopt" approach offers a significant opportunity for those aiming to adopt a foster child or youth. Children are initially placed with resource parents before their biological parents' rights are terminated. Once a fit adoptive parent or family emerges and the rights are terminated, AFS ensures a smooth and supported journey toward adoption.

Why Choose Adoption through Foster Care?
For numerous Northern California families, adopting through foster care is a more meaningful route than private adoptions. AFS boasts a dedicated fost-adopt program with professionals guiding families throughout. We staunchly believe in family for every child, regardless of age. We celebrate diverse applicants, including singles, couples, LGBTQ+, renters, homeowners, and retirees, all united by the desire to offer loving homes.

Supportive Services Include

  • Comprehensive Resource Family Assessment.
  • Tailored consultation for optimal placement decisions.
  • Consistent case management with regular social worker visits.
  • Monthly stipends, support groups, and training.
  • 24/7 on-call service and crisis intervention.
  • Collaboration with community resources.
  • Ongoing post-adoption support.

Adoption Process
Becoming an adoptive parent starts with getting accredited as a resource parent. Whether your goal is fostering or adoption, state certification is mandatory. AFS recognizes the diverse paths to family building and ensures tailored resources and support for every family's unique journey.

AFS Credentials
AFS is licensed to cater to counties like Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Solano, Marin, Sonoma, and Sacramento. For queries, contact: (800)300-1022 or

Should You Foster First?
Several states see fostering and adoption as interconnected, often requiring certification as resource parents before adoption due to various benefits, from promoting relationships with the child's family to gaining experience with trauma-affected children.

Adoption Fees
Adopting through foster care is free. Families might also qualify for a monthly stipend for child care and Medi-Cal benefits until the child is 18 or, in some cases, 21.

Birth Parents' Rights
According to court and agency rulings, resource parents play a pivotal role in supporting child reunification with birth parents. If adoption emerges as the best option, the birth parent's rights are terminated, transferring full custody to the adoptive parent.

Age Range of Foster Youth
Children awaiting adoption span from infants to 21 years. Although infant adoption is possible, older children are more common in the foster care system.

County Adoption Support
AFS collaborates with Sonoma and San Joaquin counties, assisting families throughout their adoption journey.


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