Alma Woodard,
AFS Adoption Coordinator
Alma Woodard, AFS Adoption Coordinator

“I am a San Francisco County Child Welfare Worker in the Adoptions Unit. I am writing to express how much I appreciated working with Ms. Alma Woodard in helping me place this 7-month-old with his grandmother. This case was challenging in that there were so many barriers that the grandmother kept encountering in order to get her grandson in her care. It was also emotionally loaded due to the time-sensitive pressure the grandmother and the agency were working under – and then we were faced with the pandemic." Read Alma's "Staff in Action" post.

Mahtab Nikko, MSW,
Director FACDD Program
Mahtab Nikko, MSW, Director FACDD Program

I wake up every morning excited about going to work. I find AFS to be an outstanding organization with a high level of integrity that starts at the top and trickles down to us. In the Developmental Disabilities Program I have witnessed much progress in terms of the behavior goals of the children that I work with. I believe that this is due to the amazing dedication that our foster parents have for our children and by hard working, caring and responsible treatment teams. Witnessing the progress that these children continue to make adds joy to my life. I am blessed to work with amazing foster parents and coworkers who truly care.