Foster Youth

Q&A with a Former Foster Youth

By Alternative Family Services / May 10, 2019
Former foster youth

There are lots of stats out there about the state of foster youth in California, including on our own blog. But these numbers never tell the full picture.  We recently…

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Celebrating the Holidays with Foster Youth: Do’s and Don’ts

By Alternative Family Services / November 13, 2018
Celebrating the Holidays with Foster Youth: Do's and Don'ts

The end-of-year holiday season, which usually stretches from around Thanksgiving in late November to Christmas and New Year’s Day, is typically associated with cheer, family, food and joy. And while…

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Where Do You End Up Living After the Foster Care Process Ends?

By Alternative Family Services / October 21, 2018
Independent living

Typically, most discussions around foster youth and their families center around their time in the care of Resource Parents, away from their biological parents. But what happens when they are…

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29 Surprising Foster Care Facts

By Alternative Family Services / October 5, 2018
Foster care facts

When it comes to the foster care system, a lot of myths and falsehoods prevail. In particular, we’ve found that many people still think that Resource Parents (aka foster parents)…

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