Foster Parenting

Meet the Family: Jessica and Silvio Sobalvarro

By Alternative Family Services / February 15, 2021
Foster Parents Jessica and Silvio Sobalvarro

Here at AFS, we are lucky to work with some amazing Resource Parents. Today, we’re going to highlight two of them: Jessica and Silvio Sobalvarro. The Sobalvarros started their fostering…

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Your California Foster Care Home Inspection Checklist

By Alternative Family Services / September 19, 2019

This California foster care home inspection checklist is for anyone looking to become a Resource Parent. Before you can be approved as a Resource Parent, you need to go through…

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Clothing Tips for New Foster Parents

By Alternative Family Services / September 12, 2019
Fostering a child

Here are our top six clothing tips for new resource parents (aka foster parents). Whether you’re accepting a foster youth into your home for the first time or you’ve spent…

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What is a Resource Parent?

By Alternative Family Services / March 3, 2019
A resource parent

Have you seen the term “resource parent” or “resource family” used on our site and wondered, what is a Resource Parent? Why do we and others in the child welfare space use…

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What Can Be Done to Help Children in Foster Care?

By Alternative Family Services / January 30, 2019
parent and child

Close to 56,000 children are in the foster care system in California, a number that has unfortunately remained relatively steady since 2011. In the greater Bay Area, between two and seven of every…

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Celebrating the Holidays with Foster Youth: Do’s and Don’ts

By Alternative Family Services / November 13, 2018
Celebrating the Holidays with Foster Youth: Do's and Don'ts

The end-of-year holiday season, which usually stretches from around Thanksgiving in late November to Christmas and New Year’s Day, is typically associated with cheer, family, food and joy. And while…

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