Independent Living Skills

Services to Transition Aged Youth

Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP)

The ILSP program helps 16-21 year old foster and group home youths with the difficult transition from foster care through emancipation to independence. Individualized case management and real world exposure are central to the ILSP experience. Skills assessment, collaborative input and regular meetings with the youth allows ILSP case workers to help clients achieve goals such as:

Educational Success

  • School dropout prevention by identifying and securing resources
  • Seeking out educational and vocational opportunities
  • Assisting youth to find and secure financial aid resources for college or vocational education

Employment Success

  • Our skills assessment process helps youth create their best employment plan
  • AFS teaches resume preparation and job interviewing skills
  • AFS assists the youth throughout the job search experience

Independent Living Success

  • The ILSP helps each youth acquire proper identification (social security card, drivers license, birth certificate)
  • The ILSP assists youth to find housing opportunities and obtaining transportation
  • ILSP places special emphasis on teaching financial and budgeting management
  • ILSP teaches health education (nutrition, health care, wellness)

Aging Out

A new documentary that chronicles the daunting obstacles veterans of foster care encounter as they are forced to fend for themselves.