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Oakland Office

401 Roland Way, Suite 150
Oakland, CA 94621

Send general agency communications, grant funds, and donations to AFS Administration Office, 131B Stony Circle, Suite 1200 Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Contact Information

Oakland Foster Care and Adoptions
Telephone Number: (510) 839-3800
Fax Number: (510) 839-3888

Oakland Mental Health 
Telephone Number: (510) 746-2800
Fax Number: (510) 746-2810

Become a resource parent: (800)300-1022, rfarecruitment@afs4kids.org


    Foster Care Services

    AFS offers three foster care programs which are built upon what AFS calls the Extended Family Model. The model develops a rich network of supports for foster families and their foster children connecting every AFS family through an extended family network to the community at large.

    Adoption Services

    AFS is committed to helping children within the foster care system find permanent homes. AFS has two programs for adopting foster children and youth.

    Mental Health Services

    All children and youth served by Alternative Family Services are learning how to cope with the events that precipitated their coming into foster care. Every foster child endures a different level of personal grief and trauma with the loss caused by the separation from their family. AFS family therapists provide two forms of mental health services to foster youth and families: