Become an AFS Business or Community Partner

Community involvement at all levels is a critical component to our work. Our commitment to permanency, lasting relationships and mutual support extends to building long term relationships with our community and business partners. We encourage our network of biological, adoptive and foster families, staff and volunteers to patronize and support our community partners. Click here to get involved in an upcoming event.

Please contact Jennifer Harper, Director of Development at (510) 759-1271, for more information.


AFS Partner Opportunities

  • Direct donations
  • Corporate foundation support
  • Gifts-in-kind
  • Cause related marketing promotions
  • Consumer donations
  • Sponsorships
  • Employee involvement
  • Volunteer programs
  • Matching gifts
  • Payroll deductions
  • Corporate fundraisers

With your donations, we can provide foster youth critical resources to achieve success in life.

Foster Youth Needs List – Click here


Jennifer Harper, Director of Development and Marketing at AFS receives calls each week from foster parents and AFS staff looking to help the foster children, youth and families served by AFS.

Here are some examples of real requests made for AFS foster children and youth:

” I am currently fostering four foster youth and am in desperate need to update their twin mattresses, can you help me?”
AFS foster mom in Richmond, CA

“We would really love to send our children with disabilities to participate in equine therapy, it has such an amazing benefit. Can you help find some funds to pay for their lessons?”
Mahtab Nikoo, AFS Clinical Supervisor, Family Alternatives for Children with Developmental Disabilities

“Our three foster kids are starting school in a couple of weeks and we really need new backpacks, school supplies and school clothes. Can you help us?”
AFS foster mom in Union City, CA

“I am driving to Fairfield today to help a family put in a new door so they are in compliance with the regulations. It would be great if we had a handyman connection to do these things.”
Craig Barton, AFS Director of Foster Care and Adoptions (on his day off)

“Kids of all ages get pulled out of their homes all hours of the day and are sent to a receiving center or emergency shelter while waiting for placement. They literally are carrying their belongings in a trash bag. Every kid deserves the dignity to have their belongings at least be carried in a duffle bag. Can we partner with someone to help us give every child a duffle or rolling bag?”
Jim Gold, AFS Chief Program Officer