The Gathering Place: Oakland

401 Roland Way, Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94621

Send general communications, grant funds, and donations to AFS Administration Office, 131B Stony Circle, Suite 1200 Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Contact Information

TGP Office Phone: (510) 746-2800
Fax Number: (510) 746-2810

Hours of Operation

Tuesday – Thursday, 9:00am – 8:00pm
Friday – Saturday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday – Monday, Closed


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What is the Gathering Place?

The Gathering Place is a collaborative project among Alternative Family Services (AFS), Alameda County Social Services Agency and Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services. The Gathering Place provides a safe, comfortable, family-friendly environment where referred parents and children who have been separated can complete their visits and receive a range of services including therapeutic, supervised and observed visits. The Gathering Place is committed to maintaining family attachments during the difficult period of separation. It seeks to eliminate obstacles to visitation while promoting positive family interaction.

Levels of Services:

There are three core services provided by The Gathering Place.

  1. Therapeutic visits focus on improving family functioning, promoting positive parent-child interactions, reducing the impact of separation and improving parenting skills. Visits are guided by trained clinicians. Children referred for this service must be Alameda County dependents with Full-Scope Medi-Cal and meet eligibility requirements for EPSDT services.
  2. Supervised visits are managed by trained Support Counselors. Some activities may include: direct observation, supportive feedback and practice of positive parenting skills. Individual sessions with parents can be scheduled to debrief, review, and practice parenting skills that are utilized during visits.
  3. Observed visits are the least restrictive services offered. Support Counselors periodically observe families throughout the visit. The Support Counselor is available to collaborate with parents to prepare for visits, provide feedback and guidance, answer questions and debrief after sessions.

Additional Services and Features:

The Gathering Place also includes age-appropriate visiting rooms for infants, toddlers, teens and families; meals and snacks available for families during visits; family access to outdoor walking trails, park and play areas; and center and community-based visitation experiences and opportunities.
Further, The Gathering Place in Oakland features a full kitchen and dining room allowing parents to cook and eat with their children; a guest lounge for county workers with phone, computers and Wi-Fi access; and a family lounge and library with computer/Wi-Fi access and resource material.

How to Get to The Gathering Place – Oakland

The Gathering Place in Oakland is located just off the 880 freeway, and has a free parking lot. The closest bus line is AC Transit’s 98 line, and the closest train station is the Coliseum BART station.