Cada individuo hace la diferencia

AFS está continuamente construyendo su red de individuos que están comprometidos con ayudar a los menores de crianza a encontrar un hogar seguro y permanente. Cada individuo en la red de AFS contribuye al bienestar del niño de crianza, incrementando sus posibilidades de convertirse en un miembro independiente y productivo de su comunidad.


Foster Parenting and Adopting Differences

There are significant differences between foster care and adoption. With adoption, the family works to incorporate the child as a permanent member of their family. Compared to foster care, adoption brings the following changes for the parents

  • Adopted children are no longer a part of the foster care system.
  • The child’s legal and financial status is no different than if the child would have been born into the family.
  • Adoptive parents are not subject to the legal restrictions and need for permissions that foster parents are subject to.
  • Adopted children benefit from the security of having this life-long permanent connection.