To learn how you or your organizations can participate in our education or holiday campaigns, contact: Simone West, Director of Development,, (510)839-3800

Foster Learning (July-August)

Health equity is at the pinnacle of our mission and we must ensure that all AFS Foster Youth are fully equipped with the tools and resources necessary for a successful education. Individuals, community organizations and corporations can support a foster youth's education by donating funds, backpacks and school supplies.

Examples of how your donation may be used to foster learning with AFS clients:

  • $1,000 - 50 hours of tutoring
  • $500 - tuition towards online learning
  • $250 - one laptop for remote learning
  • $100 - school clothes/shoes for one youth
  • $50 - school supplies for one youth

Foster Joy (November-December)

The holiday season is an incredibly difficult time for youth in foster care. You can bring joy to a foster child by giving to our holiday gift drive.

Foster Parent Referral Program

If you are an AFS Foster Parent or staff member and know someone interested in becoming a foster parent, the AFS Foster Parent Referral Program allows you to earn money while helping foster children and youth work towards a permanent solution.