Q&A With Monica Aguilar

Q&A With Monica Aguilar

Q&A With Monica Aguilar

Monica Aguilar first became a foster youth as a teenager. Now, Monica works with current foster youth in Contra Costa County. We recently caught up with Monica, to chat a little bit about her time in foster care, how she talks with foster kids and what advice she would give to anyone interested in becoming a foster parent. Check it out! 

  1. What It Was Like For Her When She First Met Her Foster Parents 
  2. How Monica’s Foster Mother Helped Her Feel Welcome 
  3. Monica Describes Her Current Relationship With Her Former Foster Mother 
  4. Monica Describes Her Current Relationship With The Former Foster Youth She Used to Lived With 
  5. What It’s Like For Monica As a Former Foster Youth To Now Work With Foster Youth 
  6. Monica Describes Her Current Job Working With Foster Youth 
  7. Why It’s Beneficial for Former Foster Youth to Work With Current Foster Youth 
  8. What Foster Parents Show Know About Working With Teens 
  9. Monica’s Advice to Current Foster Youth and Foster Care Caregivers 

For more stories and advice from current and former foster youth, check out our YouTube channel and our blog. Here, we have additional interviews, anecdotes, research and more on the foster youth experience. 

Interested in learning more about foster care in California or in becoming a foster parent? Head to www.afs4kids.org/services/foster-services/ today!  

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